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The way we look at it, tenants are family

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At Unic Realty, we know how important home is. We have homes ourselves, and we look forward to returning to them at night just the same as you do. Whether that means a pile of kids at the door or a simple, sparely furnished Fortress of Solitude all to yourself doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you love it.

Well, our goal in life is to help you find that house you love. With a wide inventory of clean, carefully maintained homes, you have quite a few choices. Plus, we serve a variety of areas, including Beverly Hills, West LA, Pasadena and Orange County, so you can find the place that best suits your lifestyle. Work? School? Staying home with the kids? Whatever the case, let our friendly staff know and we can arrange a tour of homes so you can find your perfect pad.

We care very much about forging a real relationship with you. Our ideal is that you stay in our homes for years to come, and don’t feel the need to look elsewhere for a long, long time. If that’s your ideal too, well then, we might just be a match made in heaven.